About Flo

IMG_4975M.jpgFlo Headlam has been gardening professionally since July 2012. After a long working life in the charity section she felt it was time for a change of direction. Starting with general horticultural studies at Capel Manor College in 2011, she will complete her Diploma in Garden Design at Capel Manor College, Regents Park, in December 2016.

As a child we had a ‘growing culture’ in our household. My parents come from the Caribbean and grew up in the countryside growing their own produce. So they brought that habit with them to England. I remember vegetables, in particular, coming from the garden to the kitchen table. And as a child I liked to potter and get involved in things, generally.
I also have my best friend to thank for really kick-starting my confidence to grow things when I got my first garden. It just took off!
I love getting my hands in the soil, getting involved: not only with growing stuff, but also the physical, landscaping side of gardening. It brings me joy!