About Flo

IMG_4975M.jpgFlo Headlam has been gardening professionally since July 2012. After many years working in the charity section she felt it was time for a change of direction. She studied general horticulture and garden design at Capel Manor College, London.

As a child we had a ‘growing culture’ in our household. My parents came from the Caribbean and grew up in the countryside growing their own produce. So they brought that habit with them to England. I remember vegetables, in particular, coming from the garden to the kitchen table. And as a child I liked to tinker and generally get involved in things, so I was in and out of everything.
Another huge inspiration for me is my best friend who helped to kick-start my confidence to grow plants when I got my first garden. After that I was just flying!
I like to be physically active, so once a client’s design has been approved, I’m eager to roll up my sleeves and get on with building the garden. It’s not an understatement to say I love digging. I find it very therapeutic. And it’s a fundamental part of the shape shifting that goes on as a garden develops.
Between 2016-2019 I had the incredible experience of being part of BBC2 Gardeners’ World presentation team. That was quite a high in my humble gardening career! It was great to be part of such an amazing institution and to meet so many wonderful people up and down the country who all share a passion for nature and growing.